The underfloor inventor

Conducting and routing for 60 years

Our first underfloor system was born 60 years ago when electrical installations were sent underground. Ackermann presented the “Teliflur” system for the first time at the 1956 Hanover Trade Fair.

For the first time, cables could be run through the floor directly to the workstation, well away from the usual installation support ‒ the wall. At Ackermann, this innovation came at exactly the right time ‒ because new architectural styles and the increasing electrical requirements meant new solutions were necessary.

These solutions were developed continuously, firstly at Ackermann and later under the OBO Ackermann brand. Today, our underfloor systems are installed in countless buildings around the world by renowned architects. We are on-site at construction sites around the world, providing tailor-made products, which are always state of the art. Practical and contactable ‒ for six decades. Take a trip underground with us and discover the history of our underfloor systems.

Andreas Bettermann

Andreas Betterman

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